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Many people may not realize how dehydrated they are until it is too late!  Take the test below to see how hydrated you really are! On average, how many glasses of water do you consume [...]

Sit Your Way to Better Health

Did you know that by simply improving the way you sit at your desk can improve your health?  A recently published article in Redbook Magazine helped us learn six quick tips to improve our over [...]

Health Benefits of Cranberries and Grapefruits

WE LOVE CRANBERRIES!!! We really really do! So much so, that we decided to make an Agua Fruit Essence flavor highlighting this delicious fruit! Not only is this fruit delicious, there are tons of added [...]

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things…

“What is our favorite food to pair with an Agua?” you might ask.  Answer: just about everything.  That’s the beauty of the Agua Brand, we created beverages that compliment your everyday life.  But, we can’t [...]